The Simple yet Powerful way to Earn Bitcoins

With so many articles available showing you how to earn bitcoin it can become a little overwhelming and difficult knowing where to start.

In this article I will be sharing some simple yet powerful techniques that will allow you to Earn and Increase your bitcoins holdings looking forwards, Some of the techniques will earn you only small amounts but can be scaled, other techniques will require longer times but pay out much more.

So let’s start with my first and probably the most lucrative one of them all

Bitcoin day trading

When it comes to bitcoin then the idea is to increase it if you already have bitcoin then what if you were able to put it into something else for a few hours only to take it back out but with about 5% more (many times much higher)

Well that’s exactly what you are able to do with day trading, Of course there is also the risk of bitcoin dropping in value in which case you could be at a potential loss, however don’t let this put you off, this is the reason day trading is so cool (losses are minimized) your in for a day and out again.

If however, you find that the price of BTC drops then you simply keep hold of your new altcoin asset till it bounces back and allows you to make a profit.  Im a day trader and a swing trader, im also a holder (hodler). When it comes to trading bitcoin and other digital currencies then there is one thing I have realized and it’s this. Markets work in waves. they come up when they go down and they come up again and Patients is your very best friend.

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