Last week I bought something matching home, because I wanted to try experimenting a little more with matcha in the cooking. Therefore I made a delicious smoothie bowl with matcha. There are several of you who have asked how matcha tastes and I would say that either you like it or not. It is a little special taste and I find it hard to explain how exactly it is. It’s a little bit sweet.

Although I have used match in this recipe, it can easily be omitted. Last week I posted a picture on my Instagram, which you really liked. Several also asked for the recipe, so today you get the recipe for this delicious smoothie bowl with matcha.


Smoothie bowl with matcha
 Right breakfast
 Total time 15 minutes
 Number 1 person
1 avocado
1 banana
1 dl skyr with or without taste
½ dl sea ??buckthorn from frost
1 tsp. Match powder

Here’s how you do it

Blend all ingredients together in a blender

Top your smoothie bowl with what you like. I have topped with chia seeds, pomegranate cans, a nut / seed mixture and finally a granola which was in my March snack box.

If you think of spices and herbs in a smoothie, how can it be? Then it’s because they also have a ginger version that is perfect for picking up your smoothie. So if you want the recipe for a really delicious smoothie bowl with ginger that also keeps you satisfied then read along.

Mix all ingredients together in a blender or smoothie twister.
Top off your smoothie bowl with whatever you want. Here I have topped with almonds and kiwi.
If you want your smoothie more thin, you can add more liquid. Conversely, if you want one that is more thick, you can add more banana.

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