New Ideas for Gluten Free Snacks


Superfood Snacks

A different approach for those needing and wanting to avoid gluten and other allergens is to look at superfoods as snack alternatives.   These intriguing snacks like Goji Berries,  Cacao Nibs, Chia Seeds and Golden Berries from around the world offer powerful nutritional benefits and avoid ingredients like Gluten Free.


Gluten Free and Nut Free 

These healthy snacks do not contain dairy products, gluten, or nuts. Therefore, they are suitable for people who are looking to enjoy a delicious snack without worrying about an allergic reaction. Snacks like Goji berries, Cacao Nibs, Sacha Inchi seeds, and Chia Seeds are farmed and harvested in an eco-friendly manner without the use of pesticides. The wild-ingredients that add nutritional value to these snacks are also obtained from native forests.

Available in a Wide Array of Flavors


Superfood snacks exist in a broad range of flavors. Golden berries are popular for their sweet and tart taste. They can be consumed raw or immersed in dark chocolate. On the other hand, Sacha Inchi Seeds are available as lightly roasted or dipped in dark chocolate. Other coatings available include coconut glaze, yogurt, and organic milk chocolate.


When you stock up and eat gluten-free superfoods, you will enjoy their delicious taste as well as their health wellness promoting properties. Additionally, you will keep food allergies and intolerances away. Superfoods like goji berries contain powerful antioxidants, fiber, amino acids, and vitamins.

So Instead of reaching for a snack that is Gluten Free consider snacking on Superfoods that are also gluten free but also have outstanding nutritional benefits.


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