Hot Real Estate Tips for a Flat Market

It’s said that there is opportunity even in catastrophe! While many of you may think that it’s a wrong thing to say, I can only say one thing in my defense. How is it that despite our nation facing its worst real estate crisis, are there still 4 million homes being sold a year?

The reason is simple. There are plenty of home buyers willing to make an investment. And, if you are a home seller, you can still make good profit if you prepare yourself for the sale. After all, being prepared for a situation is half the battle won!

Here’s a quick check list for you.

Get the basic repairs done

Don’t cut corners. Your home should reflect that fact that you are a proud home owner. So take care of even the smallest of repairs.

Keep the home clean

A slow market is often a demanding market! So, the more often you can show your home, the better your chances of selling your home. Let your realtor be able to bring over buyers at a short notice.

Get your home staged

It’s a booming business and a professional home staging expert can guide you to remove clutter and objectify your home so that prospective home buyers can visualize themselves in your home. This shows off the potential of your house as well.

Keep your pets under control

Keep yours tied up and litter thrown away. Dogs, cats, ferrets, etc should be kept away so that no harm is done to the prospective buyer.

Be realistic about the price

Finally, be practical in what you want and how much you are willing to let go. The keyword in the current real estate market situation is having realistic expectations. Forget the lost opportunities; focus on the opportunities at hand.

Marketing a property for a fair  price is bound to get you a good offer. So stick to the plan!

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