Buying a Home if you suffer From Allergies


If you are unlucky enough to suffer from allergies, buying a home can be a bit more complicated than it is for someone who does not. There are a few more things you need to think about and take into consideration when looking for a new home. Below are the main ones.

Not too near fields

For those who suffer from hay fever, it is very important not to buy a home that is too close to fields. Never assume that just because a field contains a crop that you are not allergic to that next year the farmer will plant the same crop. The chances are that this will not be the case. You need to bear in mind that farmers regularly change what they grow. They do so to keep the land healthy and to take advantage of crops that sell for more and, therefore, make them more money.

Even those that suffer from a food intolerance or allergy need to think about whether it is wise to buy a property near fields. If your child is intolerant of wheat, they could suffer when the farmer cuts their crop and the air is full of fine wheat particles.

It is even more important to be careful of this issue when your child or you are allergic to a particular food. If you are allergic to wheat and breathe in the dust, it is possible for you to suffer a fatal reaction even though you are not eating the wheat. What you breathe in enters the body so can cause an allergic reaction.

Easy to keep clean


Usually, people who suffer from allergies do better if they live in a clean and dust free environment. This is because the immune systems of people who have allergies are under constant pressure. They suffer from inflammation, which the body’s immune system has to tackle. Too much dust irritates the body more and causes an even stronger immune reaction, so living in a clean environment is helpful for those whose immune system is already working overtime.

It makes sense to buy a home that is easy to keep clean. Wooden floors fit the bill perfectly.
Buying a home with a foyer also helps. Pollution studies show that a foyer or porch provides another layer of protection against airborne pollutants. The same is true of double-glazing.

For those suffering from hay fever, a conservatory is also nice to have. It provides a way for them to enjoy the outdoors in the summer without exposing themselves to too many allergens.

A good kitchen

People who suffer from food intolerances and allergies need to cook their own food more than those who can eat anything. This means that they end up spending more time in their kitchen than most people.
For this reason, it is important to buy a home with a good kitchen. You know you are going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, so want it to be big enough and well enough equipped to allow you to cook all of your favorite meals with ease.

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